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Areas of Concentration

Throughout medical school at WCMC, students are encouraged to explore and investigate many aspects of medicine, including laboratory science, clinical practice, population research, health information technology, medical education, culture, art, and history. A key component of the curriculum reform provides dedicated time designed to enrich the medical school experience by requiring each student to select an Area of Concentration in which to obtain in-depth knowledge, skills, and a scholarly effort.

During their first year of medical school, each student will be assigned one of four Exploratory Advisers with whom they will individually meet during the first semester to begin exploring AOCs of potential personal interest. 

PDF icon Current List of AOCs

During their first 18 months, students should shop around to identify an AOC, attend various Core Activities in various AOC communities and identify a faculty mentor for their independent Scholarly Project. 

In their third year students along with their SP Mentors will submit a project proposal that is peer reviewed by 2 faculty members and approved before students can embark on their projects in the Spring semester of the third year.

Starting from the 2nd semester of the 3rd year (after the Clerkship year), students will have 6 + months of dedicated time to focus on their individual Scholarly Project. After completion of the last scholarly work block, student are required to submit a Final Written Report and demonstrate completion of the Core Activities, upon which they will receive their AOC grade.

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AOC Leadership and Administration

Andrew I. Schafer, M.D.
AOC Program Director

Madelon Finkel, Ph.D.
Pathway Leader, Population Sciences

Anthony Brown, Ph.D.
Pathway Leader, Laboratory Sciences

Mark Pecker, M.D.
Pathway Leader, Clinical Sciences
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Eliis Keidong
Areas Of Concentration Program 
Medical Student Research Coordinator
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Caryn Davi
Foundational Curriculum Manager
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