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COVID-19 update: Current adjustments

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption in the lives of many applicants to Weill Cornell Medical College. We recognize the unprecedented financial, academic, and personal challenges applicants may be facing during this time, including difficulty in accessing and preparing for prerequisite course work and the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). While the Weill Cornell Medical College remains committed to upholding its standard of academic excellence, we recognize the historic disruption and need for flexibility. Flexibility will be crucial to the successful execution of our mission to identify the most talented applicants from diverse academic and personal backgrounds.

In response, the Committee on Admissions has made the following changes to its admissions requirements and practices:

Holistic Review

Weill Cornell Medical College has historically regarded the MCAT as a standardized tool that allows for one form of comparison among applicants. MCAT scores are a single facet of a holistic review of applicants, but do not outweigh other components. Our holistic process has always taken into account each applicant’s personal experiences and attributes indicative of their future potential. There is no minimum MCAT score utilized in the screening process. Given the unique difficulty surrounding this year’s test, the impact of the MCAT will be decreased in the screening process, and as part of enhancing our holistic review in toto.

We have broadened the time period of acceptable MCAT scores to include those taken as early as January 2018 and will consider all scores until September 11, 2021. Our secondary application has been updated to allow applicants the opportunity to share unique situations related to the COVID-19 pandemic that they have encountered.

The Weill Cornell Medical College Committee on Admissions remains committed to an equitable and holistic admissions process that identifies a diverse group of individuals who will lead the transformation of science and the practice of medicine into the future. If you feel this describes your professional path, we encourage you to apply.

Pass/Fail Prerequisites

Pass/Fail prerequisite courses completed during the global health crisis will now be accepted.

Online Prerequisites

Online prerequisite courses and labs completed during the global health crisis will now be accepted.

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