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Instructional Design Services

Welcome to the Technology in Learning and Teaching (TiLT) Project from Weill Cornell’s Education Technology Group!

The landscape of higher education has changed dramatically, and medical education is no exception. Technology has made it possible to retrieve and share information and communicate with others instantly. These advances have impacted how physicians treat patients and, not surprisingly, how we teach the next generation of physicians. Ignore the hype around technology and pedagogy and focus on the research-supported, cognition-based pedagogical strategies, like simulation and team-based learning, that are simultaneously exciting, innovative, technology-based, and successful teaching and learning experiences. Today's students are ready for change. Are you?

Knowing that face-to-face workshops might not fit into or even be the best use of your limited time, we created the Technology in Learning and Teaching (TiLT) Project to provide information and resources, on several well-documented pedagogical strategies, designed to support your development of rich learning and teaching experiences, at your pace and on your schedule. Select a topic below to get started.

How do I...

Write learning objectives that describe my desired outcome for student learning?

Create PowerPoint slides and other online presentations of information, such as delivery of a "flipped video", that are well–designed and engaging?

Discover the options available to "flip the classroom," or deliver content to students outside of the classroom?

Interact with my students in the classroom with tools like audience response to improve engagement?

Manage the teaching and learning experience with a course site in Canvas?

If you still have questions after reviewing the resources above, a member of our team can connect you with an online community of fellow learners and experienced colleagues for quick questions and brainstorming or, when the need arises, provide more in-depth, one-on-one assistance with your project.

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