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Recreational Groups

Ballet Interest Group

The Ballet Interest Group is committed to offering access to the performing arts, specifically classical and contemporary ballet. The primary goal of this group is to offer beginner ballet classes to WCM students. Not only is this intended to help enrich the experience of students who attend dance performances, but it can also serve as an alternative approach to studying functional anatomy. Additionally, it has the potential to improve future doctor-patient interactions with performing artists by introducing the culture, language, and perspective of the dancer.     


Chef Ed aims to use culinary and nutritional education to help medical students become role models for their future patients. This group creates a hands-on, educational environment in which students can learn directly from guest chefs and guest nutritionists how to improve their own health behaviors and how to counsel patients to do so as well. It provides an educational platform for medical students to learn about cooking and nutrition from both a professional chef and a dietician. Students come together to cook and present the healthy dishes they've created. 

Cholesterol Mafia

We are a WCM funded baking club! Over the last year, we made and decorated cookies, cakes, pies, and other pastries for class-wide events (the Halloween and holiday party, and an end of year party). We also partnered with ChefED and led a baking tutorial. Part of the fun of Cholesterol Mafia, however, is the freedom to structure the group as you decide and partner with other Weill groups. 

Cornell Capoeira

Cornell Capoeira is a group of students and housestaff dedicated to learning capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that encompasses music and acrobatics commonly known as "dance-fighting". We are lucky enough to practice the art with world-renowned instructor Mestre Carioca of Carioca Capoeira, and host and attend several nationwide showcases throughout the year. 

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Dodgeball Interest Group

The Dodgeball Interest group allows students to compete in a fun distraction from Medical School.  Get to know your classmates outside of the classroom and let out all that pent-up stress that has accumulated.  There will be games two to three times a week starting around late October into November.  Teams are coed and six can play at a time. 

Gardening and Conspiracies (GNC)

To cultivate an appreciation for gardening through caring for small potted plants, and to provide a space for healthy discussion and over popular conspiracies and their contexts, impacts, and potential. Members will meet to take care of their plants, share updates, and discuss tips and tricks for caring for their plants. Additionally, members will take turns leading sessions on their favorite conspiracies, including but not limited to JFK assassination, lizard people, flat earth, Illuminati, and the “moon landing.” 

Martial Arts and Grappling Interest Club (MAGIC)

Martial Arts and Grappling Interest Club (MAGIC) was founded to provide resources and instruction for students interested in practicing grappling-based martial arts such as judo and BJJ. Students of all levels are welcome to check out mats for practice or participate in intro workshops throughout the year with topics including self-defense, throws, trips, and mat work. 

Mindfulness Meditation Wellness Club 

The Mindfulness Meditation Wellness Club hosts sessions that involve meditation exercises that integrate mindfulness into daily life. Themes covered include awareness of thoughts and feelings, dealing with difficulties, and self-acceptance. 

Reel Docs Film Club

Reel Docs is a club for students that like to explore the magic of the motion picture. It's a space to chat about all movies/tv shows because these experiences are best shared. 

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing club provides funds, equipment, and basic instruction for any students who want to drag themselves up and around rock faces. We arrange for trips to different gyms around the city with occasional trips outside of the city to climb outside.  We also have crash pads, harnesses, ropes, and other gear to lend out for anybody planning their own trips. 

WCM Cycling Club

The WCM Cycling Club hosts rides throughout NYC and New Jersey to foster wellness, increase awareness of alternative modes of transportation, and explore the city. Various group rides are held ranging from beginners to advanced, with a strict no-drop policy  (no one left behind). 

WCM Swim Club

The WCM Swim Club holds swim practices at Asphalt Green, one of the few 50-meter pools in NYC. During the summers, the swim club swims at John Jay Park. Our swimmers compete in open water swims in local races including Coney Island. We welcome swimmers of all levels. 

WCM Tennis Club

WCM Tennis Club holds practices at the Octagon Tennis Courts on Roosevelt Island. This club is a platform for members to improve their game and socialize with other players. 

WCMC Art Club

WCMC Art Club aims to provide an artistic outlet for all students of the Weill Cornell Community through various activities in crafts, painting, drawing and more. 

WCMC Basketball Club

We organize and host a semesterly basketball tournament. In addition, we provide equipment for weekly open gym sessions. 

Weightlifting Club

The Weightlifting Club is a fitness organization that holds weekly workouts focused on strength training. Our weekly classes are highly engaging and offer our peers a place to burn fat and gain muscle all while practicing lifting techniques. Our current listserv (currently at over 40+) is meant to gauge the entire WCM community to take on a new fitness journey along with us. 

Weill Cornell Medical Student Yogis

Weill Cornell Medical Student Yogis (WCMSY) promotes physical and spiritual health for medical students through a weekly yoga practice customized for the physical and mental stresses of the classroom and wards.  

Weill Cornell Running Club

Weill Cornell Running Club provides students with opportunities for group runs with faculty and fellow classmates.  We hope to promote connections between students and faculty by offering them a chance to socialize outside of the academic environment.  In addition, we encourage students to pursue healthy behaviors and learn about the NYC running world. 

Weill Football Club

An organization dedicated toward promoting teamwork and healthy living through soccer. Weill FC plays intramural games throughout NYC against other young professionals and graduate students. Our team is co-ed and all students of all levels. 

WeillFit (Weill Cornell Fitness Club)

Weill Fit provides free HIIT-style group fitness sessions for the Weill Cornell community. The workouts will be held once a week and will range from 30-60 minutes. We will provide an energetic and supportive environment, and all levels of experience and fitness are welcome. 

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