Why Weill Cornell?

Here’s what our students and recent alumni say:

New York City Location with an Ivy League Legacy

“A small class size, unparalleled clinical and research opportunities, and a fantastic location in one of the greatest cities in the world were several of the factors that made WCMC my number one choice for medical school.” 

 “I chose WCMC for its excellent reputation, talented and welcoming classmates, and for the personal and professional opportunities that arise from being located in New York City.”

Progressive School with Significant Student and Patient Diversity

“Weill Cornell Medical College opens up the world to us as medical students. Weill Cornell is located in one of the most diverse cities in the country, exposing us to a huge variety of patients and experiences.”

Faculty Mentors and a Culture of Fostering Student Initiative

“WCMC offered the opportunity to learn about medicine from faculty renowned in their fields, and receive mentorship from them for research and the creation of new service programs.”

"The Weill Cornell Community Clinic is unique because it really is student-run. Students aren't just involved in all aspects of the clinic - they do all aspects of the clinic. Students lead everything, from seeing and scheduling patients in the clinic, to quality assurance, budgeting and fund raising. We're lucky to have support of some amazing attendings, and collaborate with a local social work school to provide wraparound care for marginalized patients."

Powerful Network on the Upper East Side’s “Scientific Corridor”

 “Partnered with some of the best research institutions, Cornell can open many doors for its medical students.”

Collaborative Environment

“I love how friendly the students and staff are.”

“Down-to-earth, welcoming, bright students”

Global Health Opportunities

“What attracted me to Cornell in the first place was the commitment to community involvement, international health and collegiality.”

“Some of the best clinical and global health experiences are available for students here.” 

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