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Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting Your Application

  1. Are there fees associated with electives? Yes, in addition to any VSAS fees, accepted students are charged $100 per semester of enrollment. Therefore, if a student is registered for both Fall and Spring semesters, the total charge will be $200. 
  2. Can I setup an independent rotation outside of VSAS? No, eligible students may select from courses/blocks in VSAS. 

Receiving a Decision

  1. When should I expect to hear about a decision? All decisions are made at least 45 days in advance, but students generally hear sooner than this.
  2. Can I modify the dates of my rotation? No, students must adhere to the set blocks posted in VSAS. All offers are final.
  3. When will I receive reporting instructions? About 1 week prior. 

After Your Rotation

  1. How do I receive an evaluation/grade? All evaluations are submitted via OASIS. Students/universities may request a copy by emailing

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