Accessing On-Campus Meeting Space

Approved MSEC and GSEC clubs/organizations are allowed to schedule WCM space free of charge. Meeting and event spaces are available in the Education Center at 1300 York Avenue, Belfer Research Building and Weill Greenberg Building Conference Center. Students can use the link below to schedule a room that meets their needs or work directly with education staff, listed below. Any events scheduled to take place outside of regular business hours, 8:00am-6:00pm, should be scheduled through Sharon Brooks (MD students) or Leora Yasgur (graduate students). This will ensure after hours charges are not billed to the student group.

MSEC Contact:  Sharon Brooks, Student Life Manager,, 746-7070

GESC Contact:  Leora Yasgur, Graduate School Administrative Coordinator, ley2005@med.cornell.edu212-746-6565

Please note that reservation requests MUST be submitted no less that SIX WEEKS prior to the scheduled event to avoid last-minute charges.

Reserving a Meeting Space - During Regular Business Hours (8:00am – 6:00pm)

To reserve a space with Event Services go to: When reserving via the website students must use their WCM email address and when asked for a fund number enter the code STU-0001

Reserving a Meeting Space – Outside of Regular Business Hours

To reserve a space, complete the reservation form here: GSEC/MSEC Space Reservation Request Form. After submitting the request, email Sharon Brooks (MD students) at or Leora Yasgur (graduate students) at  They will help shepherd requests through the approval process.   

The following rules apply to all student groups and are non-negotiable:

  1. Please Note: Rooms in BRB and WGC are set in conference room format.  Students should not move or break down tables in these rooms. If you require a different set up, please notify Leora or Sharon when requesting your reservation.
  2. All papers/documents/food/garbage must be removed from the room and disposed of appropriately. Please do not leave trash on the floor outside of the rooms. Food is not allowed in C- 200, A- 250, A-950 and Uris Auditorium.
  3. If an event is canceled, student groups must inform Event Services.
  4. All reservations are subject to availability.

Meeting Rooms

Belfer Conference Rooms (2nd and 3rd floors)

  • Belfer 2nd floor – 204A, 204B, 204C
  • Belfer 3rd Floor – 302 A, 302B, 302C, 302D

Greenberg Conference Center (2nd floor)

  • Weill Greenberg – 214A, 214B, 214C

1300 York Avenue

  • Estabrook Lecture Hall (A-250)
  • Weill Auditorium (C-200)
  • Uris Auditorium
  • A-950 
  • PDF icon FEIL Family Student Center
  • 2nd floor small group rooms (to reserve after hours, please complete the online form and indicate your preference in the comment box.)

Belfer Small Meeting Room Use

The small conference rooms in Belfer may be used by any group on a first come, first served basis as often as needed and upon confirmation. These rooms are BB212, BB214, BB216, BB312, BB314 and BB316. These rooms can accommodate up to 8 people. All conference rooms must be reserved using the process outlined above. 

Additional Spaces

  • Belfer Skylight Lounge and Terrace 

Must be booked with the conference rooms in order to be compliant with the DOB Assembly permit.

  • Weill Greenberg Great Hall 

Must be booked with the conference rooms in order to be compliant with the DOB Assembly permit. 

Please refer to the WCM Event Services webpage for room capacity.

Office of Admissions 445 East 69th Street
Room 104
New York, NY 10021 (212) 746-1067

Office of Medical Education 1300 York Avenue, Room C-118 New York, NY 10065 (212) 746-1050