Student Groups & Community Service

Community service and medicine are intrinsically linked components of student life at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC). Certain WCMC student groups focus entirely on providing healthcare for underserved communities, while others coordinate activities related to a particular field of interest. Our array of community service initiatives are almost entirely created and coordinated by students, and span a wide range of subjects including music, policy and advocacy, and fitness and health.

Student Governance Documents

Students are advised to review these guidelines and documents when creating student-run groups and maintaining compliance for existing groups. 

Governance of Medical Student Organizations and Groups, pg 141

PDF icon Faculty Leader Role

PDF icon Faculty Advisor Role

New Student-run Group Charter Application Form

Existing Student-Run Group Survey -- To be completed by December 1st, showing the transition to new student leadership

Community Service Groups

Giving back to the community through one-day activities, health clinics, and interacting with children. 

Pipeline Programs

Enrichment programs for underprivileged and underrepresented middle and high school students. These programs encourage students to pursue their academic and career goals in the STEM fields. 

Academic Interest Groups

These groups give medical students opportunities to share their ideas and educational activities that revolve around their common academic interests and career goals. It also gives them the opportunity to network with healthcare professionals within that field of medicine. 

Diversity Organizations

Addresses the needs of the diverse communities at Weill Cornell Medicine and in New York City while fostering communities and providing support for the medical students. 

Policy and Advocacy Groups

Identifies and addresses the public health policy issues that affect the healthcare community and the patients. 

Special Interest and Recreational Groups

Opportunities to share common interests that are outside of academic interest groups and help establish a balance as a medical student (e.g. technology, music, fitness, wellness, and sustainability).

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