Dual Degree Program

Weill Medical College of Cornell University has partnered with The Johnson School of Management at Cornell University to offer medical students the option of earning an M.B.A. degree in just 12 months. The M.D.-M.B.A. dual degree is designed for students who want to pursue a career in medicine and business, preparing them for leadership roles in major health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and other health-related businesses.

Dual degree students will begin their program in the medical college, and take a one-year leave of absence between the third and fourth years. They then join the Johnson School's Accelerated M.B.A. (AMBA) program in May of their third year of medical school, and complete their M.B.A. requirements by the following May. An M.B.A. degree is granted after a student completes their fourth year of medical school and obtains an M.D. degree.

Please note that third year medical students must complete their Surgery and Medicine clerkships before they begin the accelerated M.B.A. program in May.

Medical students in their fourth year may apply for the Accelerated M.B.A. program, which they will begin in May of their fourth year. They will complete their fourth year after completing the AMBA program the following May.

Students interested in the M.D.-M.B.A. program will apply to the AMBA program through the Johnson School, which is responsible for all admission decisions. Please visit Johnson School Admissions (Ithaca) and Cornell Tech MBA Admissions (Roosevelt Island) for application requirements and deadlines. One additional requirement not listed on the Johnson School admissions page, is that Weill Cornell students must request a letter of current academic standing from the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs at the time of their application submission.

Please note that the GMAT examination is no longer required for Weill Cornell students to apply. During the application process, students will use the date of the application submission as the date of their GMAT score (the date cannot be left blank).

To be eligible for consideration for the Lee Family Scholarship (see below), students must apply to the Johnson School for the AMBA program no later than Round 3 of applications (January deadline).

Lee Family Scholarship

One medical or graduate student each year (alternating years, two students) will be granted a full scholarship for the Johnson School portion of the Accelerated MBA program, thanks to the generosity of Charles R. Lee and the Lee Family Foundation. To apply for this scholarship, after applying to the Accelerated MBA program at the Johnson School, please send a letter with the following information by February 1, 2019:

  • name and Weill Cornell ID#
  • address, telephone number, email address
  • an essay of no more than 500 words that addresses why the student wants to enroll in the dual degree program, what he or she plans to do as a result of completing it, and any experience relevant to the program

Please send this letter via email to:

Randi B. Silver, Ph.D.
Subject Line: Lee Family Scholarship
Information Workshop

Each October, representatives from the Johnson School present an information workshop on the Weill Cornell campus. Information is presented about the AMBA program, admission procedures, financial aid, and the Lee Family Scholarship. This is an excellent opportunity to address any questions that students have.

Office of Admissions 445 East 69th Street
Room 104
New York, NY 10021 (646) 962-4931 wcmc-admissions@med.cornell.edu

Office of Medical Education 1300 York Avenue, Room C-118 New York, NY 10065 (212) 746-1050