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Pipeline Programs

Health Profession Recruitment/Exposure Program (HPREP)

HPREP is a ten-week program for 10th and 11th grade students in New York City. High school students, from underrepresented minorities in medicine, are given the opportunity to meet and learn from physicians and other health professionals at WCM. HPREP students are paired with a medical student mentor, who they work with to write a college essay, resume, and research paper. Students participate in an anatomy lab presentation, and other practical workshops discussing the college application process, how to write a research paper, and applying for financial aid. 

The HPREP 2022 application cycle is closed. Please revisit our website in Fall 2022 for application information on HPREP 2023.

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Science and Medicine Enhancement Program (SMEP)

The Science and Medicine Enhancement Program (SMEP) provides middle school students from Brooklyn, NY with hands-on opportunities to learn about health and disease through a multi-subject approach. In a series of sessions, groups of students led by medical students work on hands-on group and individual activities designed to reinforce basic concepts in basic biology, physiology, pathophysiology related to the diseases and health conditions that most affect the students' communities. During the program, students also engage with the material through reading, research, presentations, and clinical skill sessions.  

The Science and Medicine Enhancement Program is currently on hold.

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Weill Cornell Youth Scholars Program (WCYSP)

The goal of the Weill Cornell Youth Scholars Program (WCYSP) is to expose underprivileged and underrepresented students to the vast educational resources and opportunities at WCM and NYPH. By developing early experiences in medicine, students can develop appropriate attitudes towards their education, interpersonal skills, and more importantly, confidence in themselves to succeed academically. The curriculum is designed to educate and inspire students for personal and professional success and provide a forum for them to interact with each other and build their teamwork abilities.  

The Weill Cornell Youth Scholars Program will be postponed in 2021.

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Women in Medicine’s High School - Medical School Mentorship Program

A collaboration between Women in Medicine (WIM) and the Young Women in Bio organizations, this program strives to provide academic and career guidance and encouragement to young women who have demonstrated interest and excellence in science from diverse high schools across New York City. The primary goal is to encourage high school students to pursue their studies in science and medicine by providing support and answering questions using firsthand experiences. The collaboration also enriches the WIM program by allowing students to function as mentors. 

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