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Special Interest Groups


The Aneurhythms is WCM’s A Capella group. We are a non-audition group and seek singers of all skill levels and voice parts. 

Ascensus, Journal of Humanities

Ascensus is a group dedicated to representing the artists and writers of the NYP/WCMC/Qatar community through an annual journal of works created by its members. Students and staff are invited to submit their creations to our journal and participate in our events such as informal poetry/story nights.  


Dimensionworks manages the 3D printer in the library. To date, we have over 400 members and has trained more than 100 students on 3D printing. 

Future of Care

Future of Care is a community of young entrepreneurs, clinicians, and scientists bringing technological innovation to medicine. We host an annual flagship conference as well as year-round networking events to connect different healthcare stakeholders in NYC. We create a forum in which science, medicine, technology, and capital combine to catalyze change in healthcare. Our goals include 1. educating students and clinicians about technologies relevant to medical practice, 2. fostering technology entrepreneurship at WCM, 3. creating collaborations between inventors and clinicians within WCM and the greater NYC community. 

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Healthcare Business Club

Topics related to business and management are largely uncharted territory for most medical students, and our club will help to shed light on the crucial nature of business-related skills in healthcare careers. Members will be exposed to a variety of topics relevant to the business of healthcare, such as hospital and practice administration, financial management, and innovation occurring in biotech, digital health, and other healthcare-related industries. 

Hello World!

Hello World -- named for the first program typically written when learning to code -- is a student organization that promotes practical programming and bioinformatics skills through hands-on, peer-led remote interactive workshops. No prior experience is required, and we are particularly focused on getting people started! 

Medical Mandarin

Our group aims to familiarize interested medical students with common medical Chinese phrases and current cultural issues with the goal of improving cultural sensitivity and gaining the capacity to converse more easily with Chinese-speaking patients. 

Medical Spanish

We are a student-run group that leads the Medical Spanish elective in the spring. We teach the course for intermediate-advanced speakers, and coordinate with the course leader who teaches the beginner sections. 

Music and Medicine Initiative

Weill Cornell's Music and Medicine hosts music events and coordinates student participation in our school's orchestra, chamber groups, and gig performance requests. 


Peers Advocating Wellness (PAWs)

Peers Advocating Wellness are medical and graduate school students who volunteer to provide an empathetic, non-judgmental ear to their peers and maintain strict confidentiality. We come from different racial, economic, and ethnic backgrounds and pursue different interests and goals, live in different placesand engage in different educational tracks at WCMEach volunteer has received extensive training and practice in a client-centered counseling style called motivational interviewing. You guide the conversation with whatever is on your mind and we will never criticize or pass judgment. 


Sustainability Club

To raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues. To organize students and administration to push for change on campus and more eco-friendly practices. 

Technology-in-Medicine at WCMC

Tech-In-Medicine is dedicated to the development of innovative technology to be implemented in medical education, clinic practice, inpatient services, the operating room, and/or medical/hospital administration. These tools include medical devices, mobile apps, and desktop software. The prime mission of our group is to develop these tools within specific time frames with an interdisciplinary team of MD students, PhD students, and members of the community. Lectures will be given, and advisors present to provide guidance. 

Weill Ithaca Network (WIN)

Weill Ithaca Network seeks to bridge the distance between Cornell's New York City and Ithaca campuses through peer mentorship for Cornell undergraduate premedical students. With this program, Cornell's premedical students can better access medical student mentors and networking opportunities that place them on par with their peers at institutions where the medical campus is near the main campus. 

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