Academic Interest Groups

Anesthesia Interest Group

The Anesthesia Interest Group organizes fun and interactive events where you get to learn and practice key skills used by anesthesiologists. Also, you get to meet the wonderful people in our anesthesia program!  

Association of Women Surgeons

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) is a national organization, with a chapter at WCM, whose goal is to promote and support women in all surgical fields by creating an environment where female medical students can learn about and begin to experience surgery through women's perspectives. We run a mentorship and shadowing program where we connect medical students with female surgeons in their surgical specialty of choice, host match panels with 4th-year medical students, dinners with female surgical attendings and residents, and workshops to practice surgical techniques. 

Biomedical-Engineering Interest Group (BIG)

The Biomedical-engineering Interest Group (BIG) is a collaborative organization between the students at the medical college and the biomedical engineering department. Our aim is to introduce medical students to the interesting research and career opportunities at the intersection of engineering and medicine.

Brain Interest Group (BIG)

The Brain Interest Group creates a forum for medical students (and faculty) to learn about the ideas, discoveries, and career opportunities surrounding the medical fields relating to the brain and the mind.  Bringing together the diverse talents of the neurology, psychiatry and neurological surgery faculty and the intellectual interests of students BIG has created a unique forum where students and faculty alike can explore the world of brain-related medical science.  Unique in its interdisciplinary approach, BIG has capitalized on the extraordinary level of student interest in the brain and mind field.

Cardiology Interest Group

The Cardiology Interest Group is a relatively new organization for students thinking about seeking a career in cardiology and related sub-specialties. We hold a few events per semester that seek to interact and network with cardiologists at NYP, learn about the match process and how to proceed into different cardiology fellowships, and explore skills-based sessions, such as learning to read ECGs.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group brings together students hoping to pursue a career in cardiothoracic surgery in conjunction with faculty to facilitate a collegial atmosphere focused on the professional development of the next generation of cardiothoracic surgeons.

Cornell ENT Society (cENTS)

The Cornell ENT Society is a group promoting interest in the field of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat). This also includes Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Head and Neck Cancer, and many other related fields. We offer chances to get to know faculty and residents in the highly ranked ENT program at Cornell, including how to pursue a residency in this competitive field. We also seek to educate medical students about the daily life of an ENT, as well as many other aspects of this fascinating surgical subspecialty. 


CSKILLS teaches a wide range of clinical skills and is taught in separate modules throughout the preclinical years of medical school. Each module will be taught in conjunction with the medical school curriculum to enhance the learning process by fostering interest in essential clinical procedures. In order to better prepare students for clinical clerkships, the program provides the opportunity to practice these skills longitudinally throughout the pre-clinical years. 

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

The Dermatology Interest Group is an organization for students interested in the field of dermatology. We plan to organize shadowing experiences in dermatology and hold panels where various faculty and residents in the dermatology department at WCM can speak to students about their personal experiences and various hot topics in the field. 

Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group

The Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group strives to broaden the exposure of diagnostic radiology to medical students at all levels and provide them with information and resources to apply into the field. Moreover, for those who do not end up choosing to apply into the field, we would like to provide students with the skills and basic expertise regarding interpreting images for use on the wards and whatever specialty they end up going into.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

The mission of the EMIG is to provide exposure to the field of emergency medicine through shadowing opportunities, hands-on skill workshops and informational panels involving residents, attending physicians and recently matched students. 

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The goals of the FMIG are to foster awareness of the need for more primary care physicians, to educate students about the field of family medicine, to present issues that are commonly faced by primary care doctors, and to attract more students to the field. By hosting speakers, panels, and workshops, we hope to provide exposure to diverse and exciting aspects of family medicine.

Gastroenterology Interest Group

The GI Interest Group (informally, “Butts and Guts“) endeavors to expose students to the wonders of gastroenterology. Students will connect with faculty to learn more about matching, residency, further specialization, and lifestyle. In the past, we’ve held faculty panels and endoscopy workshops! 

Geriatric Interest Group

The Geriatrics Interest Group is a student-led organization that focuses on skill development, seminars, and public outreach that help increase awareness of how to best care for the aging population. We host 2 panels a semester with clinical experts and are beginning a new fall-prevention outreach program alongside Heart 2 Heart. 

Global Surgery Student Alliance

The field of global surgery is devoted to sustainable and accessible surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia care worldwide. The WCM GSSA's goals include advocacy for the field of global surgery, education for students/trainees about global surgery and sustainable interventions, and fostering the development of the next generation of global surgeons, OB/Gyns, and anesthesiologists through engagement and mentorship. 

Hematology-Oncology Interest Collective (HOINC)

The Hematology-Oncology Interest Collective aims to provide medical students with the opportunity to learn more about the Hematology and Oncology medical specialty, network with an array of Hematology-Oncology physicians, and engage in unique community service and advocacy opportunities pertinent to patient care in Hematology and Oncology. 

Infectious Disease Interest Group (IDIG)

The main goals of IDIG are to provide information about careers in infectious diseases, present infectious disease talks/discussions, and facilitate interaction between WCMC students and infectious disease services at NYPH, MSK, and HSS. We’d like for the group to be of interest to students pursuing any field. For this reason, we’re planning to have talks/discussions of broad interest (e.g. intersections between infectious diseases and psychiatry, surgery, etc.). Finally, we’re considering the feasibility of community service projects, such as vaccination awareness/myth buster events etc.

Injury Prevention and Response Interest Group (IPRG)

The Injury Prevention and Response Interest Group aim to provide students with an opportunity to learn about all forms of trauma, from motor vehicle collisions to falls in the elderly. We plan to organize a series of workshops to teach skills related to the care of trauma patients. Most notably, we are organizing sessions for students to become certified as community educators for the Stop the Bleed Campaign, an outreach initiative to educate the general public on techniques for controlling major bleeding.

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is a student organization focused on supporting students interested in going into internal medicine and related specialties. To facilitate this, the IMIG holds panels on the various specialties and practice options stemming from internal medicine, workshops on practicing internal medicine (e.g., reading chest X-rays), and various networking events associated with the 4th years and Internal Medicine faculty. 

Interventional Radiology Interest Group

The Interventional Radiology Interest Group is focused on introducing the field of Interventional Radiology (IR) to all students and supporting those interested in pursuing a career in the field. We hold info panels and skills workshops. We aim to facilitate relationships between faculty, students, residents, and researchers. Regardless of a students interest in pursuing a career in IR, our goal is to provide enough exposure to both enrich their studies and help inform their decision about choosing a career in medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group

The Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group provides education for medical students regarding the principles of diet and exercise prescription and lifestyle counseling, participates in community engagement and advocacy, explores career opportunities within lifestyle medicine and the ways lifestyle medicine can be incorporated into the many different medical specialties, and develops a lifestyle medicine curriculum with the intent that it be incorporated into WCM core curriculum or added as an elective area of distinction upon graduation

Medical Humanities

The Medical HumaniCes discussion group meets weekly on Friday acernoons for a student-led discussion of some topic of interest within the medical humaniCes, e.g. topics in medical history, cultures of medicine and different models of health and illness, disability studies, community health, public health, bioethics, the arts, etc. Discussions follow the format of an informal journal club, where the student leading the discussion shares a short text to frame the discussion, and others are encouraged to bring ideas & other sources that interact with the topic.

Neurosurgery Interest Group

The Neurosurgery Interest Group is a WCM chapter of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). The organization seeks to educate students about the field of neurosurgery and create opportunities for students to explore their interests within the field. Events that have been held for students in the past include monthly neurosurgery seminars from faculty, monthly journal clubs, neurosurgery publication group initiative, happy hours with the department, and the Neurosurgery Training Camp hosted here at WCM for medical students across the United States.  

Ob/Gyn Interest Group

The Ob/Gyn Interest Group plans events, shadowing opportunities, and panels for students interested in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. 

Oncology Interest Group

The Oncology Interest Group is a resource for students interested in exploring the many paths possible in fighting cancer, whether as clinicians - including medical, surgical, or radiation oncologists - or as researchers. We host panels with physicians and researchers, as well as discussion groups and research presentations by students. 

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The group provides opportunities for medical students to learn about the experience of being a practicing ophthalmologist. We help facilitate meetings with faculty from the Department of Ophthalmology and set up presentations about subspecialties of ophthalmology. We also assist students in obtaining shadowing and research experiences.

Orthopedics Interest Group

The Orthopedics Interest Group aims to introduce both research and clinical opportunities in orthopedics to students at WCM. Events include an orthopedics information session, HSS Summer Research Fellowship information session, and a match panel at the end of the year. 

Pathology Student Interest Group (PSIG)

The Pathology Student Interest Group (PSIG) gives students an opportunity to experience the breadth of behind-the-scenes patient care provided by pathologists every day. From intraoperative consultation to medical microbiology to autopsies, pathologists are key diagnosticians and an integral part of the NYP/WCM community. PSIG hopes to facilitate interactions between students and pathology faculty, help promote pathology education through lecture series and board preparation sessions and increase the awareness of pathology interaction with other specialties.

Pediatric Interest Group (PedIG)

The Pediatrics Interest Group (PedIG) promotes exploration of the vast opportunities in Pediatrics. Past events have included informal Coffee Chats with WCM faculty in Pediatrics, a lecture series featuring the careers and specialties of pediatric academics, scientists, and clinicians, and an annual Pediatric Student Research Day to showcase student research in Pediatrics and allow students to meet the pediatric faculty at WCM. Towards the end of the year, PedIG also hosts a Residency Match Panel, during which successful pediatric resident applicants from WCM discuss the Match process.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Interest Group

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group strive to introduce the field of physiatry to medical students of all levels. Students with be provided with exposure to physicians and residents in the field, put on events that introduce hands-on procedural and diagnostic techniques, and present resources and information to create a strong residency application.

Plastic Surgery Interest Group

The goal of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest group is to offer students the opportunity to learn more about the field of Plastic surgery, facilitate interactions between students interested in the field, PRS residents, and attendings at WCM. The PRS Interest group will be able to – through the leadership of 3rd and  4th-year medical students – present students at WCM with opportunities to learn skills, get involved in research and, learn more about the path to becoming a Plastic Surgeon.  

Precision Medicine Interest Group

Precision Medicine is a new, evolving field in medicine and medical research that aims to tailor specific therapies, disease prevention, and clinical guidelines for individual patients by accounting for the variability in both their genetics and environment. It is a field with significant implications in nearly all fields of medicine including cardiology, surgery, endocrinology, and psychiatry. It allows students to learn more about its impact in clinical medicine and provide potential research opportunities and clinical shadowing opportunities at WCM and MSKCC.


PreOp aims to provide structured exposure to a range of surgical specialties and enhanced clinical experience to students earlier on in their medical education. The program offers an experience beyond strict shadowing, emphasizing as much hands-on exposure as possible, under the supervision and at the discretion of each PreOp mentor. As an adjunct to the core five surgical specialty rotations, skills workshops and lectures are held throughout the year to enhance basic technical competencies. 

Psychiatry Interest Group

The Psychiatry Interest Group (PsyIG) is dedicated to the field of psychiatry and its intersection with other medical specialties. We strive both to foster student interest in the field and to create a forum for learning about some of the most relevant mental health topics and pressing challenges of the day. We also aim to strengthen ties between the student body and the WCM Department of Psychiatry.

Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group is comprised of medical students of all years interested in diagnostic radiology.  We host periodic events (e.g., happy hours, match panels) where students have the chance to meet and interact with radiology residents and attendings to gain more exposure to the field.  We also coordinate the Radiology Telephone Answering service, in which students can help answer the phone in the Emergency Department reading room and gain additional clinical exposure. 

Save Life Foundation

The Save Life Foundation aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn about all forms of trauma, from motor vehicle collisions to falls in the elderly. We plan to organize a series of workshops to teach skills related to the care of trauma patients. Most notably, we are organizing sessions for students to become certified as community educators for the Stop the Bleed Campaign, an outreach initiative to educate the general public on techniques for controlling major bleeding. 

For more information:

Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

The Sports Medicine Interest Group strives to introduce the field of sports medicine to medical students of all levels. Students will be provided with exposure to physicians, residents, and fellows in the field, put on events that introduce hands-on and procedural techniques, and present resources to create a strong residency application.

Stimson Surgical Society (SSS)

Stimson Surgical Society (SSS) focuses on supporting the development of compassionate, skilled surgeons at WCM providing support for medical students interested in any field of surgical residency through mentoring programs, networking, and shadowing opportunities. Students will have access to honest, unfiltered information from current residents and surgeons, information and opportunities to strengthen students’ standing in the residency matchfinancial support to attend surgical conferences, and networking opportunities for 4th-year medical students by organizing clinical rotations at external academic institutions.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) provides opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities in neurology. Our goals are to increase medical students' neurologic knowledge, foster communication between faculty members, residents, and students, and connect students to a growing number of SIGN chapters around New York. 

Urology Interest Group

The purpose of this group is to foster interest in the field of urology at WCM. Students considering a career in urology or students wanting to learn more about the field are encouraged to join.  

Vascular Surgery Interest Group

The Vascular Surgery Interest Group gives students an opportunity to interact with surgery in a hands-on manner.  We have many knot-tying practice sessions, group meetings at SAIL, and the attendings involved are very attentive to involving medical students.  Regardless of being interested in Vascular Surgery specifically or not, this is a great opportunity to get more experience in surgery that will be valuable in later rotations, and beyond! 

Weill Students for Harm Reduction (WiSH)

The Weill Students for Harm Reduction (WiSH) seek to improve student engagement with people who inject drugs (PWID) with the goal to create a non-credit certificate elective that will educate students on issues faced by PWID and provide service-learning opportunities.

Women in Plastic Surgery

The Women in Plastic Surgery provides aspiring female plastic surgeons with mentorship and general education sessions. It aims to foster an early interest in female medical students and provide an environment where mentors and current faculty can provide educational sessions on the most up-to-date research and opportunities in this field.

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