Curriculum Mapping

To improve our curriculum and satisfy LCME accreditation standards, the Education Technology Group (ETG) and Office of Curriculum and Educational Development (OCED) launched The Learning Repository (LR). The LR provides a way of mapping the goals, objectives, and content of all required didactic sessions throughout the curriculum, e.g., lectures, PBL sessions, labs, small groups, assessments, etc.) and enables course leadership and faculty to determine where and how various topics are covered to help identify curricular gaps and unintended redundancies.

To facilitate this curriculum mapping, teaching faculty (instructor or member of course leadership) must provide information on his/her teaching session on a pre-formatted Learning Repository template. Specifically, we ask teaching faculty to provide the following information for each session:

  • Event Title
  • Keywords
  • Learning Objectives
  • Description
  • Topics
  • Theme (Science, Patient Care, Physicianship)
  • Event Type

Data are collected and updated by the Curriculum and Clerkship Coordinators and edited for clarity and consistency by OCED.

Access to the LR is restricted at this time. To request access or assistance with a search of the LR, please contact Meghan Asik, Clerkship Coordinator, at or 646-962-6934.

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